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You may have noticed a new page on the top of this page. This is a page covering the details for World Book Night which, as you may or may not know, is this coming Tuesday (the 23rd of April, which is a special day for lots of other reasons…). On that day,darkjudges I will be at the Costa Coffee in my home town of Prestwich, giving away copies of The Dark Judges by John Wagner. This is a graphic novel based on the famous 2000AD character who also starred in one absolutely awful film and one which is, by all accounts, not bad at all.

Others will be there giving away other books for free including copies of Malorie Blackman’s Noughts and Crosses which, from the blurb, seems to be an intriguing alternate history where apartheid and race relations work in reverse and those with dark skin (crosses) are seen as superior to those with white skin (noughts).

Both books look to be splendid and well worth checking out…

Of these books we only have limited supplies. 40 copies of the Dark Judges and only 20 of Noughts and Crosses. I expect these to disappear quite quickly so anyone who has set their heart on getting hold of either book should make sure they get to the coffee shop early.

The event starts at 6pm and runs until 8pm and as well as the book give away we also hope to have other things to entertain you. There should be readings and discussions and maybe some other giveaways. And we also have the staff of the coffee shop staying in late to keep us in hot drinks. Feel free to pop in and say hi. We will be upstairs…

If you are also a WBN Giver and want to give away your books, feel free to come along and share our space with us. The more we have there the merrier. If you are an author with some giveaways or swag to dispose of, you are also welcome to join us and do a talk or a reading or a competition of some form.

Of course, World Book Night is a charity so you should also check out their website to see how you can help them out. Their aim is to provide access to reading to those who either are unable or unwilling to be regular readers. You can volunteer to be a giver for next year’s event and get a box of books all to yourself to give away for free or you can make a cash donation. Apparently £10 will buy one of the WBN special edition boxes which ensures that twenty people get a free book to read.