It has been said to me again and again that I needed to get a blog. “You have to get a blog,” they tell me. “You need to tell the world about your writing!”

“But I have a Live Journal account, why would I need more than that?”

“But all you talk about on there is personal stuff like how terrible it is to be a teacher, cute things your dog does and why it sucks to have Diabetes. We want to hear about your writing!”

At which point my usual excuse of “What writing?” would be employed because, being honest with myself, I was not a ‘writer’ by any definition of the word other than the one which is ‘someone who writes’. I had no publications (well, apart from a couple of research papers and a thesis but who wants to read them?) and was not really serious about this whole writing lark. It was simply something I did to pass the time, a way of exorcising the demons that lurked in my head and insisted on playing out little dramas to taunt and amuse me while I suffered insomnia.

This year everything changed and my traditional excuse was washed away because I got a publication. In fact I got two. So now I am in the position of being an actual published writer. Or rather, I will be as of the 19th of September.

On this day, which is conveniently Talk Like a Pirate Day, an anthology of short stories will be released by Pulp Empires ( called ‘Pirates and Swashbucklers’. The coincidence is so massive you would almost think we had planned it this way. A short story I penned called ‘Gods of the Sea’ is in there. I am therefore now doomed to have to write about my experiences as a writer, the writing process and other things while also letting you all know that you can now buy this anthology by clicking the link on the publisher website. You can also read interviews with the writers of this anthology here: –

So, there you have it. As of tomorrow there may be readers out there who will have read Gods of the Sea. There may even be those who liked it. I hope you do because I had great fun writing it.

However, this publication is nothing to the news in an e-mail that landed in my inbox a few weeks after I got the acceptance for Gods of the Sea. That was the news that my paranormal romance novella, Transitions, was being published. The story behind that is something I feel requires a whole blog post to itself…