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Just a short post this one to announce a couple of guest blog appearances I have made.

First off, a guest blog post of mine is now live on the site of the lovely Rebeka Harrington. It is entitled ‘Playing with the Big Girls’ and may be found here: http://rebekaharrington.com/2011/10/01/playing-with-the-big-girls/?blogsub=confirmed

Hoping to do some more guest posts there in the future and maybe have Rebeka post here by way of returning the favour.

Secondly, another guest post of mine is due to appear on the amwriting website (http://amwriting.org/), the blog site that is linked to the #amwriting hashtag on twitter. This post is not due until later this month (27th of October) but I will more than likely post out reminders closer to the time. This post is entitled ‘Feeling like a big, fat failure’ and I hope the title speaks for itself. If not, you will have to read it to find out what it means…