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Apparently the Lake District currently looks like this (photo taken Christmas Day 2010)

In a previous post about ‘going home for the holidays’ I posted about how we like to go to the Lake District for Christmas and one of the reasons was because it is more likely to snow. Well, on BBC Breakfast this morning there was an article discussing safe walking on the hills in the winter. It had a lot of sensible advice like ‘don’t do it’ and, ‘if you do do it don’t for god’s sake use your car sat nav, buy a bloody map!’ As well as adding my own support for this advice (having, as I already mentioned in the above post, suffered from bad weather on a walk in the past) I would like to point out that the video footage of the lakes on this piece definitely showed snow covered hills. Therefore all I can say is: SNOW!!!!!!!!! 🙂

In other news, yesterday was my last day of ‘proper’ work until after Christmas. This means that I am now officially on Christmas holidays (unless I get called up for any emergency supply in the next two days…). Therefore, it is now time for this picture to be displayed:

I imagine that this is a sentiment shared by many at the moment. In between periods of hibernating, I do intend to wake up occasionally and do some writing. Assuming I find time. After all, Friday is International Gluhwein Day! Which may make things difficult from a being organised and productive point of view…