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My dropbox has just flashed up with a notification telling me that a new file has been uploaded into it. This is not an unusual occurence. I have several people who share dropbox folders with me and who routinely upload different files to them at all times of the day and night. However, this file was a special one. It was an image file of artwork for the secret project I am working on and it looks wonderfully cool.

Unfortunately, I can’t share this artwork with you because I haven’t got explicit permission from the artist to do so. Once I properly announce the secret project and get that permission (maybe by the end of this month) then maybe I will be able to show you some of the art. After all, what is the point of having a secret project if you go and tell everyone about it 🙂

In the meantime, I am posting to find out if any of you have ever had the same sense of squee on seeing art work based on your writing. Did you find it to be as great a feeling as I have at the moment? Feel free to tell us all about it in the comments…