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As you are all well aware by now (well, at least I hope you are…) I’ve done regular reviews of self published books over at the epublish a book site. I also occasionally on this blog comment on films, TV and other SFF stuff that I hear about and have an opinion on. Well, now I have expanded that small empire of reviewage into something a little bigger. A sort of medium sized, semi detached empirette with a bigger garden and room for an extension…

In other words, I am now doing reviews for Cult Britannia, a website all about British cult TV, and my first review can be seen if you click the direct link below:


As things currently stand, I will be doing reviews of the first two episodes of Being Human series 4 at least. I may be doing reviews of other episodes in the series and possibly reviews of other shows and general opinion articles as things progress. Feel free to pop on over there and see what I had to say about episode one and leave a comment if you disagree with me (or even if you agree with me…).