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My review of this week’s Being Human episode (Being Human: 1955 which so sounds like it should be a spin off series…) is now up for all to read on the Cult Britannia website. Feel free to pop over there and leave a comment saying what you thought of the episode or leave a comment or two here.

After a couple of comments on last week’s review, you may like to know that this week’s is guaranteed spoiler free. It is, however, still high in polyunsaturated comedy ritual magic which studies* have found may be linked to some disease or other. I suggest a diet of fish high in Omega 3s to overcome this.

*Well, vague, wibbly wobbly concerns turned into tabloid hysteria. Comedy ritual magic may also have caused the current ‘snowpocalypse’ according to some bloke I met in the pub yesterday. If a second bloke confirms it, I’ll be sure to let the Daily Mail know…