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This is what my study looks like at the moment...

I’ve not posted here much since the end of Vampire Month (apologies for that, I’ve been distracted) and you were probably expecting a post linked to the AW Blog Chain here about now as I was signed up for it this month. However, I opted out last week for personal reasons. I do intend to do next month’s blog chain, however, so look out for that in May…

In the meantime, I have been a busy bunny on the reviewing front. School Easter holidays provided me with plenty of time for reading and writing so I managed to clear some books off the big pile of ‘books to be reviewed’.

First up we have Watson’s Afghan Adventure, another MX Publishing offer set in the Sherlock Holmes universe:


This follows the exploits of Dr Watson during his pre-Holmes days in the army. Please excuse the missing ‘of’ in the first sentence…

Secondly, I have also reviewed Wake up, volume one of the City of Roses series:


A strange and mystical story of faerie courts in modern urban cities, somewhat akin to Gaiman’s Neverwhere.

Finally, not a review but a commentary on a photograph:


Here I talk about another famous ghost photograph – the Raynham Hall ghost, also known as the Brown Lady – another of the shots labelled as one of the ’10 greatest ghost photos ever’ in numerous blog posts.

There is a lot more to come because the ‘big pile of books to be reviewed’ is a very big ‘big pile of books to be reviewed’ and there are a lot more ghost photos out there…