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I have been quite impressed by the response to my Zombie post from two days ago. It seems to be a popular topic and a lot of people seem very interested in the concept of zombie’s as protagonists. Well, enough to have made yesterday the day of the largest number of views on this blog and get me some great comments both on the blog and in private.

There is an addendum to add to what I wrote however… I actually missed a zombie main protagonist/main character which I failed to mention. I actually remembered this almost seconds after I’d hit send… And what is embarressing about this is that it is by one of my favourite authors – Rachel Caine.

Yes, I had entirely forgotten about Caine’s Working Stiff, part of a new series she seems to be working on in which the main character (and I don’t think I am making any spoilers here…) is dead and reanimated.

Of course, the character in this is not a shambling zombie. In fact, she isn’t even at risk of rotting like many zombies (as I said in the previous post, zombies that want to stay looking good have to invest a lot of time in keeping themselves from decaying). The drug that keeps her alive also stops her from decaying. Her problems only occur when she is unable to take the drug on a regular basis for whatever reason because at that point she dies… The character is basically a normal human with normal human issues (she still needs to eat, still feels emotions, all that stuff) with the added issue that she is dead.

So, is she a zombie? If not, what is she? I am not sure I can quite decide for myself so I will leave it up to you to make your own mind up…