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My name is Judy Bagshaw, and I am a Canadian author of romance and romantic suspense generally featuring plus-sized heroines. I’ve been published since 1999 and currently have three ebooks available through Fictionwise, two anthologies and a novel with Draumr Publishing, a short story collection and upcoming novel with Pearlsong Press, a short in an anthology with The Wild Rose Press, two novels with Mundania Press and one with their imprint, AweStruck.

A huge thanks to David for inviting me to guest post on his blog. I’m a little new at the whole blogging thing, so can’t promise that I’ll enlighten or amaze. I do hope I’ll interest you enough to consider checking out my upcoming paranormal romance, Opposite Attraction, coming out in ebook from Mundania Press, July 24. (www.mundania.com)

David told you a bit about our project in a recent post. Basically, to recap, several authors banded together to write romance novellas featuring ghosts. Five of us saw it through to completion. We took turns critiquing each other’s work, then did rounds of editing later. We polished them up as best we could, then started looking around for a home.

Finding a home was a five year journey filled with hope, disappointment, doubt, desperation, determination, and finally exaltation. We were thrilled when Mundania Press accepted our anthology for publication. They are releasing each story in ebook format first, giving each author a month to shine on their own, then the stories will be compiled into a print anthology…likely late in the fall.

The title, Opposite Attraction, nicely sums up my story. Serena McKay, my heroine, is a skeptic…someone who has made a career from exposing frauds and con artists in the field of paranormal activity. Carter Shehan, on the other hand, is a bona fide ghost hunter. He believes. And he has spent his adult life trying to find proof of the existence of the here-after and ghostly visitors to this plane. Both have written best selling books in their respective fields, and they have locked horns more than once, both adamant that they are right.

Challenged by Carter on a nationally broadcast television talk show, Serena agrees to spend the weekend with him at the famous “haunted” Shelbourne Manor, now a museum. It’s a ‘fish or cut bait’ situation, and Serena is determined to show Carter up as just one more charlatan, while he is determined to prove to her that ghosts exist.

But of course, as with any good romance story, something unexpected happens, and you’ll have to read the story to find out how it all ends up. Let’s just say that it doesn’t hurt that Carter finds the feisty Serena very attractive. And if Serena were being honest, she would admit to more than a passing interest in the laid back Carter.

I like the idea of bringing opposites together and seeing where fate leads them, and often my heroines and heroes are at odds with each other before finding their way into each other’s heart.

You can read more about my work, including excerpts and reviews, at www.judybagshaw.com

You can also find out more about our little writing group at www.bbwromancewriters.homestead.com