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As some of you regular readers out there may already be aware, my rantings occasionally manage to escape out into the world via other blogsites. One of the sites I have been a regular contributor to in the past year or so has been the Amwriting.org website.

Gratuitous Dog Photo

Given that it seems a link on this blog to a post I did on Amwriting in August has only just appeared on some people’s RSS feeds (odd situation, I have no idea why that has happened…) I think I need to break some news in order to explain what is occuring because if you click the link to the ‘Mighty Red Pen of Justice’ article you will currently get a dead link.

Amwriting.org is currently on hiatus pending a pheonix like rebirth on the 1st of October, 2012. Today I have been sent various links and information to prepare me for this date when the site will reopen with some changes to how things are managed but essentially, as far as I can tell, still the same site. The archives, including all my old posts, will still be available on there. Currently, they are locked down so only a few of the bloggers from the old site like myself can access them but once the site goes live they will be made available to all and sundry.

I do not at present know if the links provided in my blog here will still work to link you to these archives or if you will need a new link. I will find that out when it goes live and will post new links if appropriate.

If anyone is really desperate to read The Mighty Red Pen of Justice, I suppose I can post a copy of it here for you to read. Look out for that later today if I can manage it.

In the meantime, enjoy the gratuitous dog picture provided above…