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A hell of a long time ago, I sent off a short story that had been hanging about in my hard drive for a while to the fantasy writing contest. It was a tale of an elderly woman being mugged for a magical dagger she carried with her. It had previously been rejected by Sword and Sorcereress and Tor.com and I saw no harm is sending it off to be rejected by this contest too. I had more or less forgotten about it as the submission window numbered several months and the reading period many more (the reasons why are outlined in this blog by the editors).

Now a casual tweet by the editors has sent me into a panic. They have decided on a short list. However, instead of dealing with the cuts in a quiet and civilised manner, they are publishing the list of lucky people in small increments… One small selection of the list released each day until the entire list is out there. So now, of course, I am absolutely desperate to know if I have been successful despite not caring until now.

So well done to the editors of this contest for making me feel like this… I am off to sit in a corner gibbering until the entire list is released. 🙂

Good luck to all who entered and commisserations to those of you who, like me, don’t make it to the final cut.