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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAJust before New Year, I promised you all new and exciting news and you may or may not be pleased to know that this is the post in which I announce it!

If you pop over to http://www.dalascelles.co.uk/index.html you will see that there is a website all about me. It is all shiny and new (still got the plastic wrapping on all the seats and has that wonderful ‘new website smell’). You can find my bio there as well as links and extracts for all the stuff I have worked on and am currently working on. I’ve also included a links page for some of the wonderful people I have met in my time as a writer. If you think you need to be on that list, feel free to contact me to be added…

I am still getting used to this whole idea of having a website all about me. I blame Judy Bagshaw for persuading me that I needed on and Rebekah Harrington for also poking me about it. I especially blame the wonderful Wednesday for doing all the design work (she makes a wonderful photographic model too) and the very helpful people of 5quidhost who are the hosts of the site. I hope you are all ashamed of the horrors you have helped to bring to fruition 🙂