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Today I posted an article about Hawaii Five O and this afternoon I check my WordPress stats and see this  in my referrers… http://paper.li/HawaiiAloha/1293482139#

Baffled by this, I checked out the page and looked for where the link could be. They had a Twitter feed so I wondered if somoene had spotted my Twitter post about this blog and retweeted it but this did not seem to be the case. Then I scrolled down to their ‘Arts and Entertainment’ section and saw my blog RSS’d there.

It seems that someone out there has been trawling for keywords and decided to reblog me on a webpage linked to news and other things about Hawaii.

Just to say to whoever it was that did that: Thanks a lot, I really appreciate it and hope that some of your readers do enjoy the article.

In other news, if anyone has any ideas of another show they would like to see recieve the GQ treatment, feel free to post a comment or contact me to let me know…