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Review of Transitions (update)

Early in December 2012, I mentioned a review of Transitions that I had heard about Transitions-AuthorCopyand even been sent some extracts from but had not been able to see the full version. Well, yesterday, quite by chance*, I managed to track down the full review which is actually by Sarah Burgess, the book reviewer for Penumbra magazine. The direct link is here:


Turns out the reason I could not find the full review was because the text of it was actually on a pdf file for an online magazine… This also means that, to be able to read the entire review for yourselves, you will have to pay to download the magazine. However, that will only set you back a very small amount of money (about $4) but for that you also get some other stuff too such as short stories and articles which you can read if you like.

Oh, and the score was 3 out of 5 and not, as I feared, 3 out of 500.

Anyway, a big thanks to Sarah for bothering to read Transitions and giving such wonderful praise (and offer some good pointers for improvement).

Reviews of Red Dwarf X

In October, the new series of Red Dwarf hit the screens… I reviewed it for Cult Britannia. The reason you are only just finding out about this now was because no one bothered to tell me about it either and I assumed my reviews had been lost or not used for some reason or other.

Anyway, apparently they were put up and here are the links:



The reason I found out about these, by the way, was when I stumbled across the site of the British Comedy Awards which has extracts of the two reviews listed with my name attached. Yes, it is indeed another one of those scary ‘post something on the internet and someone notices it and does something with it’ moments like the Hawaii one earlier this week…

* Yes, completely by chance. I was not googling myself at all, no, not me. I did not in any way type in my name followed by reviews just to see what came up. I have no idea why you might think that. Shame on you all for assuming my ego was using the internet that day…