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This is a basic, general information post I am putting up because there seem to be some issues with writers communicating with me in order to get their books reviewed. Rather than repeat myself countless times, I thought it prudent to have a page that I can link people to when they ask and this is that page. If you have anything you would like me to review, please read the following as it will make both our lives that much easier.

Your friendly, neighbourhood reviewing team....

Your friendly, neighbourhood reviewing team….

So yes, I do reviews. I post said reviews on a number of places.

Self Published and small press ebooks

If you have a self published ebook you would like reviewed, I will review it for epublish a book which is a site dedicated to the ebook format and is specifically geared for the self or small press author. They will also cover small press ebooks but will not cover any paperback or similar hard copy versions since the purpose of the site is to promote the ebook.

My preferred ebook format is Kindle but .pdf is also fine. You can email the appropriate file to my email address given below.

Hard copy books (Trad, small press and self published)

The majority of my book reviewing is for epublish above and therefore mainly concerned with self published ebooks. However, I have done some reviews of paperback books which were shown on the Cult Britannia website.

Books reviewed on Cult Britannia need to be somehow linked to the UK Geek scene. Either sci fi, fantasy or horror in a UK setting or written by a UK author. If you are interested in having your hard copy book reviewed, then you will obviously have to be prepared to send me a copy and I will have to talk to the Cult Britannia team to make sure it is fine to post the article there.

In theory I will also review hard copy books that are not UK linked. However, I cannot post them to Cult Brit or epublish due to the rules those sites have. I will, however, post them to my own blog.

I can provide appropriate address details if you contact me via one of the methods below.

TV Shows

I have done reviews of films and TV shows for Cult Britannia too, though these are usually because the site team have asked me to do them. If there is a UK based geek show or film you think is being overlooked by Cult Britannia that you think deserves some coverage feel free to let me know and I can suggest it to them.

I also do my regular GQ blog posts which measure the geek quotient of non-geek shows. I am always open for suggestions as to which shows deserve this treatment. So far, I have done Downton Abbey and Hawaii Five 0.

Anything else

Yeah, if you want to send me stuff to review I will review it – roleplaying games, chocolate, theatre, computers, microwaves, sports cars, Faberge eggs,… I am happy to accept them all. If you have something more unusual than a book or TV show you want me to look at then contact me and I will consider it. Again, any reviews of such things will likely end up on this blog rather than epublish or Cult Britannia but if you think it may fit the ruies of either site then feel free to pitch an idea to me.


It seems that some people have had trouble contacting me about reviews so here are the best ways to achieve that:

Email – any email to dalascelles-writing@yahoo.co.uk will reach me easily and that account is checked regularly. This is by far the quickest and easiest way to contact me about reviews.

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/DaLascelles?ref=stream is my shiny new facebook page and it is always hungry for likes. Again, a message sent to that account will likely get dealt with fairly quickly as will posts on the wall

Twitter – https://twitter.com/areteus you can send me a DM on there or post a Tweet to me @areteus and I will get wind of it and reply as soon as I can.

Finally, leaving a comment on this blog will also get through to me (as some have already found). Though this is a less efficient method than some of the others it does still work.


One warning I do give to all who ask reviews of me is that I can’t always get round to them in a particularly timely fashion. It is not so much the time taken to write the review but rather the time to read the book that is often a problem. So, if you do want a review, please be aware that you might have to be patient. I will get round to it as soon as I can. There is also sometimes a delay between my writing the review and it being posted on the sites. This is something I cannot control. Be assured that I do try to get through them as quickly as possible.