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Before we launch into the fangfest that will be Vampire month tomorrow, I wanted to share this:


Between 2002 and 2008 I ran a Live Action Roleplaying game called Waypoint. It was a sci fi setting and involved the various different races who were part of a Galactic Empire coming together after millenia of seperation following a galaxy wide disaster that destroyed the hyperspatial gate network that once united them.

The campaign ended after 6 years with the player characters desperately seeking a way to defeat a threat from another galaxy by searching through the archives of the Empire for clues. Finally, while the invaders were attacking all over the galaxy, they found the clues they needed and put into effect their plan. Part of this plan involved taking an ancient technological artifact into gatespace and using it to do clever things with physics that would destroy the alien threat. The players who went to achieve this (while the rest remained outside defending them from attack) were played the audio file that is attached to this video which contained some clues as to what they had to do mixed in with many, many red herrings.

Several of the voices on the video were those of player characters who had been asked to contribute an audio file in which they talk about their personal theories of the gates. None of them knew what they were doing this for until they heard the file.

The photographs cover the entire six year run of the game and show many of the awesome costumes and props that were made by players. I hope you enjoy the video…