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Today we take a break from Vampire Month to consider some Paranormal Romance. Natalie-Nicole Bates is here to tell us all about Remember the Stars and has a giveaway for us to enter.

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Click the link above to enter the competition to win a $10 Amazon Gift voucher which could be used to buy a copy of Remember the Stars (or, if you already own that, my book 🙂 ). Full details of Remember the Stars are included below along with how you can contact Natalie-Nicole Bates to learn more about her work.


Waking up in the gutter, for Leah Rhodes, life as she knows it has just changed forever. In the dark surroundings of her distant past, a familiar man stands out in the confusion. But Remy Moreland has been dead for years.

It soon becomes apparent to Leah that both she and Remy are trapped in a hell of their own making. Can one night together not only lead to the way out, but to love as well?

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Excerpt from Remember the Stars:

Barefoot, she crossed the dark street and began making her way in the direction of the police station. If she remembered correctly, it was three blocks away. A chill rose on her skin as she tried to remain focused. She concentrated on taking one agonizing footstep in front of the other.

When she crossed over the first street, she stopped to rest beneath a street light. Leaning up against the side of a brick house, she took notice of how eerily quiet her surroundings were. The only sound was her own breathing. There simply was nothing, and no one. Was she truly alone? She wondered.

She shook off the intrusive thought. Of course she wasn’t alone. Remy Moreland was real. Well, the late Remy Moreland was sort of real. Maybe surreal was a better word.

He had spun some tale of purgatory, of languishing between life and death. Then a thought struck her like a blow from above.

What if he was telling the truth?

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