Fans of this blog may have been somewhat confused that there hasn’t yet been any sign of Vampire Month posts. I realise we are late this year, this is entirely my fault and is due to various and sundry real world issues like changes in job and the fact my house has been a building site for most of February. Now things are settled down on both those scores, I can focus on the important stuff like bringing you lot interviews and blog posts from writers of Vampire fiction.Vampire

We have a reduced content this year. Again, the disruptions mentioned above meant I had less time to find contributors. However, we do have two awesome writers to showcase for you and I will be doing a post about some vampire related photography.

This month you will be seeing posts from Lucy Felthouse and Catherine Green, both of whom are British based writers I met at last years Sandbach Authors event.

There is still time if you think you can contribute to Vampire month this year. We are looking for anyone who does anything vampire related. Simply send me an email with a blog post (any topic, does not even need to be about vampires – click this link to see some example posts), the answers to the standard Vampire month interview questions (click here to see them) and some appropriate photos (which must be copyright free or owned by you and should include at least a head shot and an image of one of your book covers). The deadline is the last week of March. Any sent too late will be held over for next year.

Expect our first post soon…