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So… the life of a writer… the glitz, the glamour, the other things beginning with ‘g’ that you get invited to (galas? geography lessons? geodesic domes?). The free prosecco and free coffee. The tasteful music. And somewhere in the middle of that, the book. Micha Yongo does a reading in Manchester's Chapter One books

So, what was the latest glitzy, glamourous gala about? Well, thanks to happening to meet the wonderful Micah Yongo at Eastercon (thanks to R.A Smith who knows people… I am the person who knows people who know people… I’m dead influential like that 🙂 ) I snagged an invite to the very exclusive launch of his new book – Lost Gods.

Well, I say exclusive. Turns out I could have just walked in off the street but hey it’s good to feel elite occasionally. 🙂

6C1A9719-2To celebrate the launch of the book, Micah’s publisher, Angry Robot, had organised a tasteful party at Chapter One books in Manchester. There was indeed prosecco (though I limited myself to the coffee) and a very good audience who had turned out to see Micah do a reading and ask some questions. There was also live music and a chance to buy the book and have Micah sign it. Of course I took that opportunity because the ‘shelf of books signed by authors I have actually met’ is not yet completely full…

Lost Gods is Micah’s debut fantasy novel and tells the story of a young assassin, Neythan, in a fantasy world based on the myths and legends Micah grew up with. This alternative cultural take on fantasy is what has given Lost Gods a strong pre-release buzz and Micah’s strong voice seems set to carry this story through into the sequel he is currently writing. The reading showcases this voice and the question and answer session afterwards gave some intriguing hints as to what was to come as well as delving into the mind of an author who is still shocked he has got this far in convincing someone to publish his book. Afterwards, he was a gracious host, circulating and talking with everyone there. I spent my time not taking photos hobnobbing with Pat Kelleher and enjoying the relaxed but stylish atmosphere of the event.

In all, an entertaining night and I am looking forward to reading the novel…