So, I’m in London for the 2019 Eastercon (the one named after a less pronouncable element… ytterbium…) and, being at a loose end the night before it starts, decided to check out the Titans of SF event at Waterstones in Piccadilly. This event had Emma Newman, Alastair Reynolds and Temi Oh in conversation with Pat Cadigan.

As usual for anything involving Pat Cadigan, this was an amazing event. The self styled ‘recovering American’ used her usual anarchic and rambunctious moderation style to lead a discussion with topics ranging from the little details about space travel to the reasons capitalism stops us doing more in space. Topics which all the participants were vocal on.

Alastair Reynolds got to talk about his space pirates and how his career in ‘space science’ grew out of a desire to go to space. Temi Oh got to discuss her alternate reality debut novel and how, with her story being set in 2012, she ant be caught out when the future tech appears and is different to what she imagined. Finally, Emma Newman discussed her thoughts on capitalism and some of the ideas that went into her Planetfall series.

In all, an entertaining event that felt something like a mini Eastercon on the fringe of the main event….