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Way back in January 2019, long before the pandemic, I was involved in an anthology called ‘Out of this World Alphas’ for Knox publishing. This was a collection of novellas about dominant men and my entry for this (Gods of Diplomacy, in which Rachel Drake from Gods of the Deep pulls off a James Bond) managed to get some good reviews. So, on the back of the success of that, I jumped into another anthology from the same publisher called ‘The Elementals’. Not only that, but I dragged Russell A Smith along for the ride too…

The bulk of the work for this has now been completed. We are just waiting on final edits and have a release set for sometime in November, 2020 so not long to wait. Until then, you may have a cover to look at…


The brief for The Elementals was to create a story that involved someone who could manipulate the elements in some way. I don’t (yet) know how some of the other authors have done this (though I did get the chance to read through Russell’s entry before submission) but I can tell you how I did it.

My story is called ‘Transgressions’ and is the third in the series that began with Transitions and was continued with Transformations in Lurking Miscellany. I have brought Helen, Tina and Ash back together for more supernatural shenenighans, this time set in Manchester rather than Birmingham, and thrown in a character who may be familiar from another story in Lurking Miscellany – Simon the elementalist.

I will be announcing more about this anthology as and when they happen so stay tuned for more! Release announcements coming!