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In the second of our interviews with the authors of stories from The Elementals (still on pre-order until Saturday 28th…), we have C.M Kane. She is the second author to hail from the Pacific North West. After this interview, I am now looking forward to reading about how an air elementalist can get involved in baseball. And maybe learning more about baseball (which I know very little about…).

Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, CM Kane was fed a steady diet of sports, particularly baseball. Having this love of the game instilled in her at an early age, she found that nothing was better than getting lost in the game. Storytelling was another gift that was encouraged in her youth, and she’s taking to the written word to explore a new aspect to the game she loves.
If you wanted to learn more about her, you can check out her links below:

The anthology theme is ‘Elementals’, what does this mean to you and how did you interpret it in your story?

The elements have so many meanings. I knew I would have to use air for my short story since it was baseball themed, and didn’t seem to coordinate with any of the other elements. It was fun to dive into witchcraft and the elements to find the best blend for this short story.

Where is your story set? Is it a real world location or one you made up? What drove you to set your story there?

My story is set in Lincoln, Nebraska. While it is a real place, the magic Cover of The Elementals in the element of air (surrounded by clouds)within it is not. The reason I chose this place is because my love of baseball came from my father, and this is where he was born. I wanted to include him in my story in some way, so chose to set it in his home town.

Are there any personal experiences in your story? Things you have done, people you have met etc.?

It’s completely fiction. While I have watched many baseball games, and been to them as well, I have not ever played baseball, nor do I have any connection with any professional players.

What drives the main characters of your story?

Murph is driven by his desire to win. Soibhan is driven by her desire to help, no matter who asks.

What was your writing ‘method’ for this anthology? How did you progress from initial idea to the final, published story?

I knew I would be writing about a baseball player, so found a way to incorporate the elements into that basic theme.

Describe the premise of your story.

It’s about a baseball player and a witch. Not much more without giving away things.