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A few times on this blog I have talked about a ‘secret project’. I even have a tag ‘secret project of secretness’ on this blog. I have talked about how excited I am about this project and given some details (and a few people who I know read the blog do know more) but I have not revealed all.

Today I can announce that I am now permitted to ‘spill the beans’ on the secret project of secretness…

At the end of last year, I was given an opportunity to write the world building documentation for a Fantasy Wargame. This amounted to almost 40K words of background including the culture of 12 races, the metaphysics of the world and an outline of the history. My brief was to use the familiar fantasy races (elves, dwarves, goblins etc) but spin the cliches a little (after all, elves living in woodlands is just so 1970’s…). There was a lot of discussion over how to do this and some requirements from the developers (the wonderful people at Serious Lemon) but I was largely given free rein in terms of creative input.

The result was what became Realm Fantasy Wargame

This is intended to be an ever evolving game. You subscribe to the site, paying pretty much whatever you want (min $1 Australian, I believe, for a whole year of access), and have access to everything on it for a year. You can download stuff, print it off, all that. The developers will continue to add content (new rules, scenarios, new units) and revise the rules and background.

But there is more… there is another way you can get access to the site and that is through this site: http://www.indiegogo.com/realm-fantasy-warfare

This is a page with the same concept as Kickstarter in that you can donate to a business enterprise and gain benefits. If you subscribe to Realm through this site (again, a min $1 donation) not only do you get the benefits of access to the site for a whole year but there is also the possibility of getting your name listed on the site as a donor. So, access to the game for a year AND an ego boost… There are also other benefits for those who pay the higher amounts, including being drawn by the team’s artist as a character from one of the races.

Oh, and some of my writing appears in the video teaser advertising the game. The quote that opens is one of mine…

So, what are you waiting for… go there and check out what I have written…