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It occured to me recently that it has been six months since I first started this blog with the post New Beginnings. Actually, it was six months ago on the 18th of March so it is actually six months and, er, some weeks exactly. However, I got so distracted with Vampire month that it slipped my mind.

So, how have things been going since this blog began? Quite well in my opinion, though still plenty of room for growth. The recent Vampire month guest posts have done very well with Ninfa Hayes so far racking up the highest number of post views with her post Giving Birth to my Muse and all the other participants gaining respectable numbers of readers too. Posts I have made myself have also done reasonably well, with my post for the AW Blog Chain, Rainy Days, racking up the second most views of any post. Which is amazing since that was a random piece of nonsense I babbled out following a prompt and based on some stuff I came up with while on holiday. All of this is reasonably promising after a mere six months of activity. I am getting hits from all over the world (at one point Australia was the place I was getting the most hits from, I blame Rebekah Harrington, but the UK soon took the lead with the US second and Australia third) including some far flung places such as the Phillipines, Peurto Rico and Mexico (actually quite a lot from Mexico, I have my suspicions).

My work on other blogs has also done rather well. I am now a regular reviewer on the ePublish a Book website and on Cult Britannia. I am also starting to post on the News from the Spirit World blog and my contributions there will get more common over the next few months. I am enjoying all of these, especially the opportunity to read self published books and see what is out there – both good and bad. I’ve posted on the Am Writing blog and also on the blogs of a few other writers (and am always willing to do a guest blog if anyone out there wants me to).

I’ve also ventured into writing a wargame called Realm for a company called Serious Lemon and this, along with the royalties from Pirates and Swashbucklers, constitute my first professional writing achievements. There are a few more irons in the fire so hopefully some more writing projects will start to come to fruition in the near future.

So, there you have it. In the next six months, I am hoping for the following:

 – More people reading this blog

 – More people commenting on this blog

 – My ascenstion to ultimate god king of the universe and ruler of all I survey.

If I manage to achieve two out of these three I will be very happy…