Due to a minor timezone snafu this morning (I scheduled my post notifying you all about my post on amwriting.org a little while before the post actually went live because I forgot that both sites were operating in different time zones…) some of you clicked the link to my article on LRP before it had been posted and therefore got the dreaded 404 error…

Had I been at home and at a PC this could have been rectified immediately with a couple of clicks. However, when the first comments were made I was actually in a school on a break and therefore no access to anything…

Apologies for that, entirely my fault. The article is now live and the link should now work (actually it should have worked from sometime this afternoon… but this is the first chance I have had to tell you this…).

In case you forgot it (or can’t be bothered to click back to find it) here it is:

What has LRP ever done for me…

And yes, the title is deliberate for reasons only LRPers will know (and groan about…)

As before, feel free to comment there or here.