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Earlier this week I got the CD of images from Quattrofoto for the fantasy photoshoot studio session. Unlike previously published photos, which were either mine or Lucy’s ‘photostory’ of the day in the studio or ‘rough cuts’ with little or no editing, these were the final versions of the shots with all the special effects and photostudio tricks added to them. In fact, the person who did the editing (the wonderful Isabella Favilli) did admit they went somewhat mad with special effects on this one mainly because it was a fantasy theme.

Some of the changes are subtle, very subtle. A change of eye colour can be seen in some of them, for example.

can you spot the difference between these two images?


Click the photo to get a closer look at them…

Others are far more blatant. For example, in this shot we have a little more magic added to an already fascinating lighting effect.


Here we have some magical sparkles added to the object our Druid is holding in his hand (it was actually a glass pot stuffed with grass and leaves to represent a selection of herbs) which were definitely not there when the photo was taken.

If anyone is curious about how these effects were achieved, you are going to be out of luck asking me. I know nothing about it. However, if you do have any burning questions, I am happy to pass them onto Isabella for you. I can’t guarantee she will answer but I can pass them on. Feel free to leave a comment with the questions…

In all, I am very pleased with the way this has come out. The shots have come out better than expected, but then I would expect that when using a professional instead of a rank amateur like myself.

So, this is the final post I will make about the day we spent in a photostudio. However, ‘adventures in fantasy photography’ is far from over. Plans are already afoot for the next stage which will be the location shoot, which we hope to manage to get done sometime before the end of summer. Provided, that is, the rain stops long enough for us to get the cameras out from under the waterproofing. It also depends on me managing to acquire all of a long list of esoteric items to use as costume and props and some more innocent victims to force at gunpoint to stand in front of a camera. However, at the time of writing, things are coming together so there may be more to report very soon…