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Today is Lynda Bester’s Vampire Month guest post and here she talks about the people who helped her get where she is today.

Hi, I hail from Florida South Africa. I am married with four children ranging in age from 17 to 2. Three girls, Savannha, Chyanne and C’era-Wayne and one boy, Dayne. I have 6 guinea pigs. I wrote my first book in my early twenties, but only got the guts together to have a book published last year. (Not the 1st one I wrote) It is a vampire paranormal romance and defiantly not meant for under 18’s. My vampires are great and sexy and the best part is they come in three’s. Yes, they are all triplets!! Triple the action, triplelyndabestercropped the fun.

I have a stack of books in the pipe line ranging from Paranormal romance, to contemporary romance and even futuristic romance. Yeah I like happy endings. I also have a fantasy book I am working on and a sci-phi. And wonders of wonders, I am even contemplating doing a general fiction, so stay tuned to my station because the music will be varied and I am sure at some point you will find something you like. Here are some links where you can get my book Total Surrender.






My webpage: http://www.lyndabester.co.za

@LYNDABESTER (twitter page)

Mermaid's Cove book coverWhen I started this is, I was not sure what to call it. Gratitude? Thanks? A light in the darkness? I still don’t know if I went with the right header.

Conquering your fear. That’s a good one, because I don’t know about all the other people out there, but when I decided to take the ‘big step’ last year, I was terrified!

I am sure I am not the only one that was. I can still remember the debilitating terror as I sat in front of the computer (mainly because I still feel that way when I am about to try something new) and the dread that coursed through me as I did the unthinkable (to me anyway) and took control of my dream and my future.

It’s like the first day in a new school where you hope nobody will notice you, so you create as little waves as you can. But that right there is the problem. Because you have to create waves. You have to be noticed. It’s the name of the game after all.

So instead of falling back on the old ‘fly under the radar’ you now need to take the silencer off your car, roar down the road and cheer each time it backfires, because then you are getting attention!

And that is freaking scary.                                                                                               

I am one of those people you can leave in a missile launch room and never fear that I am going to wonder what will happen if I push that red button. Never going to happen!

To scared, to timid, to spineless. That button will be safe from now until eternity. But again, that is not the way to go. You have to take risks, leaps of faith, blind dashing and naked streaking. All of those. And push the buttons!

It is one of the hardest things I have done. To reach out and ask for help and hope that at best, you just get ignored, or at worst, someone tells you to ‘take a hike and stay off my turf!’

But I was out there now, in the big wide world of the web and I did not know the first think about surfing. Or blogging, or facebook or twitter or…well that is a long list. And needless to say, I am still pretty clueless about all that. But I am learning.

Because of a few people, busy people, people with their own lives and careers to worry about. They heard my whimpers from my dark little corner and came closer to look. And they did not just stand and laugh and point and jeer. They smiled at me.

It was a virtual smile, but I could feel its warmth right through the screen of my computer. They extended a hand and said ‘Don’timage002 worry, it can be done. Let me help you’.

OMG. Those words changed my life. They allowed me to lift my head and take a look around. They let me take the first tentative steps in to a daunting world. And they didn’t scold me for making mistakes, they encouraged, they advised, they offered their wealth of knowledge to me so I could paw through it.

And boy did I paw. I think I dug holes so deep that they will never be able to fill them again. When I needed to lean, they stood firm, when I need advice, they pointed me in the right direction. When I asked really stupid questions they patiently answered.

Sure, there is the possibility that they were thinking ‘OMG I have a stalker!’ but not once did they not answer and email. Not once did they not share their wealth of knowledge with me.

So yeah, this rambling collection of words is to say thank you to three ladies that have been the guiding light in my journey to this point. They took the time to show me where the light switch was and how to operate it by myself. They could have just sneered and flicked it off, but they didn’t.

They didn’t have to help, but they did and in so doing, restored my faith in humans and allowed me the freedom to look around and actually see all the possibilities out there. Will I stumble? Sure. Will I fall? Without a doubt. Will they be there to pick me up?

What do you think?

So from the bottom of my heart I would like to thank Frances Pauli (francespauli.com) for patiently explaining things to me, sometimes over and over. For giving me web addresses and telling me about free downloads and how to do book covers and where to find pictures and what is legal and what is not and sometime just playing silly buggers. She is my sounding board and I’d like to think, my friend.

A heartfelt thank you to ‘Berta’ who I am sure does not want her name out here, so I will respect her privacy, but will still take the opportunity to thank her. The voice of reason when I needed one. The brutally honest task master when it was called for. The ‘mom’ who has your back when you are down and just feel like the world has just kicked you in the teeth. The person that says ‘Oh sweety, Its okay. Together we can do it. I’ll help you.’

And finally from my new friend in Australia. Hi Sue. Thanks you for that phone call that must have cost you a pretty penny. Thank you for the advice and the tons of information you sent me. Thanks for pointing out where I went wrong and how I might rectify it. Thanks for taking the time. (http://www.susancartwright.com/)

So to all you other nice people out there who I am sure would have helped if I asked them, thanks for being human and for understanding, and feel free to check out the websites of the saints above.

Thanks again