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Our final submission for Vampire month is this wonderful piece of artwork that has been kindly donated by artist Lauren C Waterworth. Expect to see more of her work in the near future as she has recently completed a commission for me to do the cover for Gods of the Deep which I will be showing sometime soon. You can also enjoy a piece of flash fiction by Lauren’s partner, Adam Tomlinson, that accompanies her work.


“The natural light from the stars by the window were eclipsed while the beauty of her moonlight skin shone brighter than any candle in the hall.  As she drank from her goblet it was hard to tell if her lips were blood red from decoration, or from the liquid which she consumed.

While her features where the same as any woman, they were more perfectly structured, if not for her almost bat like ears she would have been the most attractive woman you had ever seen. Yet while any other woman would hide this unnatural aspect of her looks, this one pulled her raven hair back, insisting that any who wished to gaze on her should see everything, laid bare like a banquet for you to devour. Though like any banquet in a strangers home, you must beware of on what you dine. Be gracious, but keep you wits about you.”




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