A special mention to yours truly here…

Alex Campbell

I have just returned from a fabulous weekend, where at long last, my first novel, Sigil of the Wyrm was officially released!

Myself and fellow Manchester Tea Society Authors, D.A Lascelles, R.A Smith and Ninfa Hayes were at Mancster Con to celebrate, and while it was quite a small turnout, a lot of fun was had. I even got a chance to speak on my very first panel!

L-R Ninfa Hayes, D.A Lascelles, R.A Smith, Yours Truly

I’m still utterly exhausted from the weekend, but while I catch my breath, here are a few links to be getting on with:

Firstly, if you didn’t make it to the con and would like a copy of Sigil of the Wyrm, they are now available on Amazon, right here!

Secondly, the blog tour has begun!

Things have been kicking off with a post on Lurking Musings with D.A Lascelles

Next, I am…

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