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Can you keep a secret?

OK, I may be a little late to this party as I guess everyone is now talking about last night’s Doctor Who rather than one from a few weeks ago but hey, I am still catching up with this series after missing a lot of the early ones due to my Sky+ Box forgetting it has the capability to record stuff. Some glitch or other meant every episode was showing as ‘failed’ so I had to resort to BBC I-Player and its clunky, user unfriendly interface.*

So, having finally got round to watching the two Zygon episodes I would just like to say: I told you so. Yep, I knew Osgood would be back and I am now totally kicking myself that I had completely forgotten all about the fact that there was a ‘spare’ Osgood in the form of a friendly Zygon. But then I was somewhat lost in my rather neat fantasy series where Osgood becomes a sort of British version of Agent Coulson having been resurrected by flangy Time Lord tech rather than, as actually happened, not dying at all due to there being two of her (though I do rather enjoy the playful speculation over exactly which one died…). I’m also guessing this throws out my other (as yet unwritten) theory that she is actually Romana under a Chameleon circuit. But then I had a similar theory about Donna Noble**. I suppose I just want to see Romana come back so much that I keep theorising ways for it to happen 🙂

If I have one regret about that episode it is that Osgood did not accept the Doctor’s offer to travel as his companion. But I do not think we have seen the last of her…

*Still a massive improvement on those ancient days of video when you needed a PhD in computer science and an A level in Japanese to understand how to programme it to record stuff.

** She gets shot by Davros, somehow survives and emerges talking like a Time Lord… OK we know the reason for that (the whole DoctorDonna thing) but that always struck me as a rather contrived solution when a far more epic and surprising one at the time could have been her death and regeneration in a new form. The ‘new companion’ being basically the old one played by a different actor with a whole host of new issues to come to terms with….