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Two posts in as many days? Who can live at


I am in fact a lurker on my own site site…. That is indeed irony.

that speed? No, your eyes have not betrayed you, I have indeed upgraded my usual plodding post speed for this lightening fast barrage. Yesterday,I told them so about Osgood and now today you have this post with some general updates.

Though this one is your lot for now so enjoy it while you can. Posting this much is tiring and my webgoblins are exhausted…


So, over on LM David’s blog I have been spotlighted:


Click the link to go see what has been put there…. And maybe browse some more pages on there to see what other authors you might discover…

So, what have I been doing lately other than being spotlighted and telling the internet that I told them so about Osgood?

LurkingMiscellany-lgWell, not much really. Not doing Nano this year (good luck to all who are however) due to the phenomenal amount of work I have had to deal with recently. This is also why updates on this site have been few and far between. Hopefully that will change soon and I can get back to more regular updates.

I have been keeping up with my writing, however, and managed to make progress on a couple of projects. I am hoping to send Gods of the Deep to an editor soon and have a final publishing ready version not long after that. Maybe early 2016. I’ve also had some ideas to extend a short I started writing years ago (current working title Fortune and Troy but that will change) and allowed to languish into something more novel length. This will be a SF in the same universe as Dances with Drums and Tryptych of the Gates which can be found in Lurking Miscellany.

Following on from 2015 being the year of all the public appearances (Yorkshire Cosplay Con, MancsterCon, World Book Night) I am already booked on two events for next year. One is the Manchester Authors signing event in August and the other is the EasterCon known as Mancunicon. At the latter I have also made the foolish mistake of volunteering which means I am likely to also be on panels and may even be moderating panels and doing other stuff. So those of you who missed my rambling monologues (with visual aids and statistics) at MancsterCon can catch me at Mancunicon and see what only a select audience of dedicated geeks have seen so far…

So that is everything up to date… I’ll update again soon…