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Well, that is all for Vampire month for this year. Join us again next year for more excitement, adventure and creatures with big fangs and strange accents.

this is what they do look like

This is what they do look like

It has been an excellent collection of writers this month so please take the time to check out their posts and visit their blogs and so on. They have worked hard this month to entertain you (as have I, March is always more stressful for me) and so deserve some love in return. Give them all a huge round of applause.

This year our celebrations were only interrupted by Eastercon and there will be more on that very soon (once I finish processing the photos from the weekend…).

If you want to contribute to Vampire month (or indeed any aspects of this blog) feel free to get in touch – leave a comment, send an email or visit me on Facebook or twitter (links to the side of this blog post).