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The big grand-daddy of all Vampires. Christopher Lee as Dracula.

This month is Vampire month on this blog.

What? You say March is a stupid time for Vampire month? You think that maybe it should be another month, like October? Well, on this blog we don’t follow trends we make them and I reckon that this time next year EVERY blog will call March ‘Vampire Month’ and I will take the credit for starting a whole new social trend.

Well, that or, you know, the rest of the internet will just carry on doing what it always does and not be affected at all by what I say or do.

So, why is it Vampire month here? Well, over the next month I will be featuring articles and interviews with three writers of Vampire fiction starting next week with Rebekah Harrington, author of Vampires Revealed. This will be followed by Ninfa Hayes, author of the upcoming novella Bites. Finally, Skyla Dawn Cameron, author of Bloodlines* and the newly released Lineage, will weigh in with her opinions. In these articles we seek to understand the underlying appeal of Vampires, their psychology and motivation and, most importantly of all, who would win in a fight: Lestat or Edward…

So, that is three writers, in three different continents, writing about Vampires in three different ways… Should be something to look forward too…

*If you remember, I reviewed Bloodlines here: http://www.epublishabook.com/2011/10/28/book-review-bloodlines-by-skyla-dawn-cameron/#axzz1nuXKfHgn feel free to go back there to be reminded about how awesome I thought it was…