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The wonderful people over at Serious Lemon have created a give away for anyone interested in wargaming.

In case you weren’t aware, Realm Fantasy Warfare was a project I got involved in as a2012-06-02 16.24.38 writer. I produced the background based on concepts and ideas provided by the rules writer. The aim was to try to subvert many of the cliches inherent in fantasy settings while still maintaining recognisable races and ideas. I will leave it up to you to decide if we have succeeded in this.

The competition is over a set of miniatures donated by Eureka . The winner can choose either a Vaetari (Elves) or Drogar (Dwarves) set. The second place winner gets the remaining set. The miniatures can also be custom painted for you or left bare for your own painting.

The giveaway details may be found on the Realm Website (http://realmfw.com/giveaway/) but the basics of the competition are:

Two winners will be drawn at random from all entries. The first drawn will have their choice of either the Drogar or Vaetari starter set. The second drawn will receive the remaining set.

 illathynn   To enter the draw, first you will create an original discussion piece online regarding Realm. This is intentionally vague but could include things like a review or a battle report. You might initiate a discussion on a forum regarding a particular aspect of Realm, or you might post a video online discussing the validity of certain game mechanics within Realm.

    Essentially, anything is valid as long as it is discussing Realm and available publicly online.

    To enter, email us the url of the aforementioned content you created. All entries must be in by midnight, Monday, December 31st (AEDT – UTC+11:00). The winners will be notified by return email.

So, there you are. Get your entries out and about there…