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Today’s Vampire Month Victim is Zoe Adams. Born and still living in Cleethorpes in the UK, Zoe is currently finishing her BA (hons) in Professional Writing and already has a host of publications out there including a number of short story credits including Pawprints on the Heart and Darkest Dreams. You may also find her name appear on articles on The Fact Site and Rude Magazine (where she talks about Womens’ sex, relationship and health issues).FacebookHomescreenImage

What is the earliest memory you have of writing? What did you write about?
The earliest memory I have of writing is at primary school, and being asked to write a short scene, paying particular attention to description, encompassing the traditional: Who? What? Where? Why? When?

I wrote about a superhero rabbit who lived in an old abandoned ruined plane. His best friend was a talking potato.

When did you decide to become a professional writer? Why did you take this step?
I decided to become a professional writer when I started a relationship, with my partner of five years (this year). We watched a lot of anime, namely Bleach, which focused on shinigami’s (Death God’s in Japan). I started thinking about the non-canon characters and putting them into ridiculous situations and having love affairs.

He spurred my desire to write – to give them as gifts to him.

His passion and drive, along with mine led me to apply for a BA (Hons) Degree in Professional Writing, where I learnt how to harness my own imagination. Since then, I have had success, and my partner has continued to hold onto me and keep me upright throughout.

What would you consider to be your greatest strength as a writer? What about your greatest weakness? How do you overcome this weakness?

My greatest strength I would say is my imagination. My writer’s journals are creaking open with ideas which have never been used, or expanded upon, and it is my aim to continue to write more, and perhaps encompass several into one.

My greatest weakness I would say is my hatred of redrafting. I hate the idea of ripping my delicate piece apart, and I am loathe to start on it with my red pen.

I have overcome this slightly with my university lectures. It has led me to be able to see my own flaws such as repetition and actions which are impossible to perform.

Tell us about the place where you live. Have you ever derived any inspiration from your home or from anywhere you have visited?

I live in Cleethorpes, which is a seaside town in North East Lincolnshire, in the United Kingdom. It can be incredibly busy, and quiet all at the same time. There isn’t much here, but I suppose that opinion differs on your opinion and age.
Inspiration has come from my hometown, as I take its various features and meld them into a new place, all of my own.
I often take inspiration from other locations, such as when I visited Kos, in Greece, for a holiday, and decided to write about Greek nymphs. This is my Final Major Project at university.

Which book, if any, would you consider to be your greatest influence and inspiration?
A great question, but an equally hard one. I have been influenced by many great authors and their novels.
Memoirs of a Geisha by Arthur Golden was such a beautiful novel, so rich in detail, whilst still retaining a wonderful story. It really changed my opinion on historical novels.

ten silver bulletsWhat drove you to write about Vampires?

I’m not sure what it was that drove me to write about Vampires. The truth be told, I was terrified of them as a child, but I remember my brother watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer and being immediately fond of Spike (James Marsters). I don’t know whether it was his cruel sadistic Vampire nature, or his dazzling good looks, but whatever it was, it got to me.

One of the first Vampire books I ever read was the third Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter book, Circus of the Damned by Laurell K. Hamilton. I was hooked on this badass female protagonist, who hunted vampires and raised zombies. I admit, it was sexy, especially this sort of forbidden romance with werewolves and vampires.


What do you think is the attraction for Vampire fiction? Why is it such a popular topic?

Vampires, to me, are sexy, powerful, masterful. They are everything we want to be deep down, and especially if we are too scared or ashamed to actually do something about it. They can fight for anything and take what they want without giving a damn.
I think it’s a popular genre, as we can broadcast our own views and thoughts into these creatures of horror. We can be terrifying, sexy, alluring – everything we aren’t able to be in reality.

In a fight between all the greatest Vampires of fiction, who do you think would come out on top?
Tough question! Again! I suppose it depends if you look at novels or television. And if you’re quite biased.
Dracula is a powerful creature – the one everyone fears, but at the same time so is Anne Rice’s Lestat. Cunning, deceptive…
Can you come back to me on that?!
What about in some other contest such as sexiness or dress sense? Who would win that one?

Why do you do this to me?! Erm, I REALLY like Spike from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and Jean-Claude from the Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter books. Spike can win sexiness, and Jean-Claude (yes, he’s French) can be incredibly stylish.

How well do you think one of your characters would fare against the winner(s) of the above?grindhouse
I have to say I think my vampire characters (Christoph, Matthew and Brian) would be crushed! They’re not tough enough – they got their butt’s handed to them by a female werewolf and her partner. What chance do they have against Dracula or Lestat?
I think Matthew might stand a chance in sexiness against Spike. Matthew was based upon the lead singer of metal band, Avenged Sevenfold, M. Shadows.

Style wise, Jean-Claude wins hands down!

Tell us the basic premise behind your latest novel.

My latest novel is an adult’s book. It has just been accepted by Crushing Hearts and Black Butterfly Press, and we’re aiming for a late spring/early summer release. It’s the first in a trilogy, and is entitled, ‘Best Served Chilled’.
It follows Tokyo born, Hiraku Michiyo, and a deadly Japanese alcohol demon. Will she survive her ordeal? You’ll have to read it to find out!